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Best Cold Water Filter Faucet To Buy Online By AquaNu Tech

by Maria James
Contemporary C-Spout Hot/Cold Water Filtration Faucet

AquaNu Tech offers the best instant hot water dispenser and cold-water filter faucet. You can also visit their website to explore their wide range of products. 

Whether it’s used for drinking, cleaning, having a shower, or cooking, water is essential to our daily life. To keep the environment in our homes and, more importantly, within our bodies safe, each of these daily tasks requires the usage of clean water. Despite the fact that we have a fair volume of water, it could still be contaminated with chemicals.

AquaNu Tech offers the best sustainable products. Visit their website to learn more. 

Everything you need to know about AquaNu Tech

Their goal serves as the inspiration for daily operations and the underlying concept of every choice they make: Offer Today’s and Tomorrow’s Eco-Friendly Next-Generation Products. They take the environment into account while producing goods and when designing new ones, and they give customers things that aid in resource conservation. Visit their website for the greatest hot and cold-water faucets with brushed nickel filters.

Products offered by AquaNu Tech 

Digital Instant Hot Water Dispenser

AquaNu Tech is the most cutting-edge Instant Hot Water Dispenser.  It offers the longest warranty in the sector, on-demand hot water, programmable temperature settings with digital controls, and. It features a 60 cup per hour capacity, an insulated stainless-steel tank, automatic safety sensors, and a compact, space-saving design. AquaNu Tech is perfect for the AquaNu Tech line of products because of its low energy consumption and environmental friendliness.


5-Year Warranty; Digital Soft-Touch On/Off Control Panel Button with Vacation Mode, Adjustable temperature Seven options for pre-set temperatures, Low Energy Consumption Standby Reheat Feature Every 2-Line Filtration Faucet is Compatible with the 1500-Watt Ceramic Encased Rapid-Recovery Element, and it is UL Certified to work with Reverse Osmosis Filtration Systems.

Contemporary C-Spout Hot/Cold Water Filtration Faucet

Contemporary C-Spout Hot/Cold Water Filtration Faucet

Only an AquaNu Tech Filtration Faucet’s unsurpassed craftsmanship and performance can rival it in terms of quality and finish. Their Filtration Faucets are more than simply pretty to look at because they contain 1/4-turn ceramic disc cartridges and sturdy brass construction. The insulated spout rotates 360 degrees, gives filtered water and/or instant hot water on demand, and includes a hot-handle spring-back safety mechanism. Chrome, polished nickel, or brushed nickel are the possible finishes. For the best hot and cold filtered water dispenser faucets, visit AquaNu Tech. 


Filtered and Instant Hot Water with a Hot Handle Safety Spring-Back Feature from the HC2400 Series. Ceramic Disk Cartridges with a 360-degree swivel and an insulated solid brass spout. A flow of 1.1 to 1.4 GPM, Levels Faucet on Uneven Countertops with Decorative Spout with 4″ Reach and Decorative Base Plate with Rubber O-Ring; Reverse Osmosis Filtering Systems Compatibility. 

Filtration System Combo – Traditional C-Spout Cold Water Faucet with Filtration System

The Traditional C-Spout Filtration Faucet completes your 1500-gallon filtration system and provides the purest water. You can choose from chrome, brushed nickel, or polished nickel.

It makes use of cartridges with ceramic 1/4-turn discs and sturdy brass construction. The insulated spout, which can be turned 360 degrees, supplies filtered water as needed. The C2200 Series provides filtered water on demand. It comes with ceramic disk cartridges that have a flow rate of 1.1 to 1.4 GPM, an insulated spout, and a solid brass construction.

With its accommodating lever handle, attractive spout, and decorative base plate with rubber O-ring, the ADA Faucet levels itself on worktops that are uneven.

Filtration System

Their three-stage filter removes asbestos, chlorine, cyst, lead, scale, silt, sediment, and odors in a compact design. That takes up a tiny fraction of the space of the competition. Their strict requirements for eco-friendliness are met by their cartridges’ 1500-gallon capacity, which lasts five times as long as others, and their 100% recyclable filter. Which prevents anything from ending up in a landfill.

Uses a three-stage filter to reduce lead, cysts, odour, scale, silt, and sediment. • Compact and environmentally friendly design, the head is equipped with a Quick Change Sanitary (SQC) Pressure Regulator valve (PRV), Complete installation kit, 0.2-micron carbon black, 3″ diameter x 11″ height, NSF & ANSI 42, 53 Certified. 

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