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Aditech Free Fire Id: Read To Know Its Stats, Subscribers, & More!

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Aditech Free Fire Id

An Indian content creator and free-fire player Atharv Rao is the name behind the Aditech YouTube channel. Players are curious to know Aditech Free Fire Id so if you are also one then read this article, we will share aditech uid or aditech id, subscribers, and more details so stay connected till the end!

You must have seen his gameplay videos and other events but do you know he is only 15 years old? He was born in 2007 and at such a young age, he is not only a fantastic Free Fire shooter, but he is also incredibly creative. He creates engaging content for his YouTube channel which he started in 2018.

Aditech Free Fire Id and Stats:

Aditech Free Fire Id is 779084851, he has more than 19165 likes on his profile. He prefers to play as part of a team. In Ranked Battle Royale Season 23, he attained Heroic rank and now he is ranked at Diamond II in the current season. As for Solo mode, he won 211 of 2037 matches for a win rate of 10.3 percent. In those matches, he had a total of 3776 kills, for a 1.85 K/D ratio.

He also played a total of 5372 Battle Royale Squad mode matches from which he won 2248 of them for a 41.84 percent win percentage. He had a total of 14061 kills, and have a K/D ratio of 2.61. He played 2234 games in Duo mode, winning 217 of them for a 9.7 percent victory rate. He had a K/D ratio of 1.94 and a total of 4348 kills.

In short, he has played in all three modes of this game and given great performances which is a rare thing for YouTubers. He has played half Battle Royale matches in Squad mode and the other half is split between Solo and Duo modes. Furthermore, he has a fantastic win rate of 41.84%.

If we talk about his Lifetime Clash Squad stats, he has played 2912 Clash Squad games and won 1343 of them, for a 46.12% victory rate. In this mode, he has killed a total of 17031 people but he has a low K/D because he dies many times than others. This is because of his nature of playing, he leads the team and tries to score more kills.

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Aditech YouTube Channels and Subscribers:

It’s been more than two years since he started creating content, he is a great content creator and got many views on his videos. He has multiple YouTube accounts with a large fan following, let’s have a look at them:

Aditech Shorts:

Before talking about his main channel, this one is the latest one which is created to keep up with the trends. There are not many videos available on this channel but there are a lot of views on the videos uploaded there.


On this channel, he usually posts free fire-related content. It has more than 307 thousand subscribers, but this one is not the main channel of Aditech.

Gaming Logger:

Atharv Rao usually posts videos of his personal life, family, and friends, he created this channel to upload vlogs about them. Currently, this channel has 435 thousand subscribers.


This one is the main YouTube channel of Atharv which has over 4.7 million subscribers. His video “Rich Random Girl Called Me Noob,” went viral and received millions of views, after that he started getting attention and his subscribers increased. Now, his channel has grown dramatically as he produces more intriguing videos.

What do you think about Aditech’s Monthly Income?

How much do you think he must be earning on monthly basis? Well, he is such a talented boy and now that you know about his accounts and gaming details including Aditech Free Fire Id, you might be wondering how much he would be making by creating free fire-related content or other content.

So, as per reports, he could be making approximately Rs 650,000 through YouTube ads in one month. Furthermore, his annual income might reach $1.3 million due to the recent views he got on his videos, which is equivalent to 96,970,250 Indian rupees. Due to sponsors and commercial deals, his overall revenue might be more but we do not know the exact figure as of now.

Wrapping Up:

People were searching for Aditech Free Fire Id so we decided to share it with our audience, Aditech is a talented content creator and free fire player, we have shared aditech uid or aditech id above and all the other details which you might be looking for. You can comment below to let us know your thoughts about his gaming!

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