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Privacy Policy

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On this page, we have gathered all the data concerning the terms and conditions of the privacy policy of Food Travel Library. Our virtual blogging platform aims to publish innovatively useful blog posts as well as articles on a regular basis, keeping in mind the interests and convenience of our daily consumers.  

Nevertheless, we are well observant of the truth that a considerable number of individuals are worried about the usage of their private data while they make use of the Food Travel Library virtual blogging platform. Keeping this in mind, we have designed this page so that our users can comprehend how their data is gathered and utilized by our online blogging website, Food Travel Library.  

Getting Started with Our Data Collection Protocols 

It should be recorded by the regular users of Food Travel Library that the data we collect involves your name, email ID, phone number, residential address, and other message-related information. At the same time, we may also collect your data in numerous forms, such as with the aid of the comment section and various registration forms.  

Whatsoever, the primary reason why we gather data from our dedicated users is to provide them with a remarkable user experience on our virtual blogging platform. In addition to this, our data collection protocols also enable us to comprehend your interests and preferences, with the help of which we can show you relevant adverts.  

One should also be conscious of the fact that we, at Food Travel Library, also make the best use of additional software in order to gather useful data from our regular users. The data that is gathered by our highly precise software may include your geolocation, IP address, and other relevant website information. However, it would help if you comprehended that we only gather non-sensitive information that does not possess the ability to put the privacy of our users at risk.  

How Can We Make Use of the Collected Information? 

The data is primarily gathered by our top-notch and highly-efficient system, which is then utilized to make adequate changes in the interface of our virtual blogging website, Food Travel Library, according to the preferences and interests of our dedicated users.  

At the same time, you should also understand that the collected information is also utilized to enhance our system administration, customer service, and overall interference. The data we gather at Food Travel Library also enables us to manage the RSS data and user traffic on our website. Whatsoever, all such information is generally used for conducting effective market research, company analysis, and website administration.  

What is the Role of Cookies And Third Parties? 

Like many other websites of the current generation, Food Travel Library also makes the best use of a significant number of technological approaches in order to conserve the data of its readers. However, we do not stand responsible for the usage of your data by third parties, provided that you give such information to such third parties by yourself.  

Apart from this, it would be best if you comprehended that your data is kept safe by Food Travel Library at all times. Whatsoever, the primary reason behind collecting data is to continuously enhance your user experience and interaction on our online blogging platform.  

That being said, you should also comprehend that permit us to monitor your daily online searching activities once you accept cookies. This way, we also get the opportunity to present relevant content to you based on your choices and interests. While you always reserve the right to turn off cookies from the settings of your browser, this might significantly degrade your user experience on Food Travel Library.  

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Last Updated: 1st October 2022