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Upscale Methods to Transform Livestream Viewers Into Customers

by Maria James
School Management System

Live streaming has gained more popularity in recent years. As continuous lockdown situations had disrupted businesses and companies on a large scale. There has been significant growth in the sector as the approach is broader and the range is never-ending.

Live streaming platforms are acting as showcases for the brands to show their products & services provided authentically. It involves influencers & brand ambassadors who are working behind the camera to interact directly with their targeted audience and make them feel like special people.

Simultaneously, these platforms had expanded their reach across the globe which genreates huge revenues to businesses.

What is “Live streaming”?

In broad terms, live streaming is a very effective way to accomplish any goal or objective. It is widely used as a platform to feature new product launches, company information, educate online, and much more.

It also provides opportunities for different brands to expand their audience reach and is a valuable asset for broadcasters across many industries. Live content is primarily known to hold the attention of its viewers far more than on-demand content.

Nowadays it is mostly used as a feature on popular social media platforms like – Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Live Stream Service Providers

As of now, live streaming has become one of the leading sales platforms in India. With its much-gained popularity over the recent years, many service providers are good competitors when it comes to thriving new events –


With a specialization in providing immersive features like webcasting, hosting virtual events, and webinars with many customizable options to choose from, Dreamcast is one of the most popular live stream service providers in the country over recent years.

With its smart digital solutions and footfall scanning feature Dreamcast offers a wide range of customizable budgeting options to choose from. It is good for all types of small and large businesses with pricing ranges totally pocket friendly.

Xtreme HD

Xtreme offers millions of content in their library to stream with access to over 2000+ channels and video on demand.

After purchasing its subscription plans, users have access to its features like 24/7 chat support, TV guides, and live matches.

Hulu Plus Live TV

Hulu is well known for its seamless media transmission service across the world. It has more than 40 million users/subscribers of the wide range of content it provides to its users.

The live TV feature comes along with more than 70 channels to choose from and in different languages. It includes sports channels, fashion shows, and much more.


Well, we hear this name mostly when it comes to watching IPL or any other sporting event. Hotstar is one of the biggest live-streaming service providers worldwide which runs its services in India, the UK, United States.

Recently, a lot of advertisements and frequent breaks are happening in between watching a show or movie. This is one of the major drawbacks of this platform.

Top 5 Strategies to Transform Live Streaming Viewers into Customers

Interpretation of KPIs

  • Common key performance indicators thus include the number of viewers, their likes and subscriptions, etc.
  • Considering these matrices the company can work more on efficiency in delivering quality content and interacting more with the audience for an enhanced experience for their viewers.
  • Working on quality rather than quantity can easily make a viewer purchase your subscription by just watching it for a few minutes.

Call for Action to the Customers

  • There are many strategies to interact with your viewers and make them purchase your subscription and some are very simple and easy to implement.
  • If you believe on the content of your service, then calling people just to sign up for free and taking a trial demo for a while can work in favor of you.
  • After all, whichever product you are dealing in is at the end of the day ‘software’ only.

Scheduling your Live Stream

  • Best live streaming service providers promote their video or content by scheduling it as soon as the topic has been finalized.
  • It is the most authentic way to provide important information to your potential subscribers about what you gonna display.
  • So, scheduling your live stream and reaching out to random visitors to endorse you can be an ideal way to increase customers.

Announcing on Social Media

  • The creation of social media campaigns, affiliate marketing, and digital marketing is some of the marketing strategies that can make into use for reaching a wider audience and making them your permanent customers.
  • Best live streaming service providers like Facebook, Linkedin, and Youtube are some of the most popular platforms for making announcements and reaching a wider audience.

Host Focused Sessions

  • Giving answers to unrelated and irrelevant questions more often can reduce your potential number of viewers.
  • Deciding on focused questionnaires and answering questions that are precisely related to your topic. in fact, overlap boosts the productivity of the session and is valuable to your viewers.
  • This strategy will make your session more engaging and interactive for the generation of maximum subscription potential.


Livestream services are reaching a wide range of audiences. With the increase in accessblity to the people, there are certain mistakes we should take care of. Providing factual information, engaging sessions, and branding experts to interact with your audience in such a way they feel to hear from you more are some of the key aspects of keeping the ball in your basket.

It has tremendous revenue opportunities in events live streaming, webcasting, virtual shows, and live stream events. Choosing the best service provider for your business is a decision you should make wisely.

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