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Tips to Excellently Prepare for the Defence Exam

Defence Exam

by Maria James
defence exam

Candidates aiming to serve their motherland work hard to clear the NDS, CDS and AFCAT exams. These prominent exams are conducted from time to time to select courageous candidates for the Indian army. Who says it is impossible to crack the defence exam? You might be using the wrong strategy that is making it difficult and challenging for you. So, why not follow the easiest and most productive strategy to prepare for the defence exam? 

Don’t worry! You need not move anywhere to look for smart tactics to prepare for the exam. We have jotted down some of the marvelous tips in this article that will boost your preparation as well as performance. However, if you still want to get additional guidance from an expert to carry on everything smoothly throughout the exam preparation period, you can look for the best caching platforms on Search India.  

Here is the list of tips aspirants can follow for excellent defence exam preparation: 

  • Speed up the calculations 

Most probably, every defence exam has a mathematical portion. Aspirants usually expect it as the most troublesome portion of the syllabus. Nothing is troublesome, you just have to do regular practice to dominate this segment. This section is all about speed and accuracy. Thus, you must have a decent hold over the equations and short tricks. If you solve questions using short tricks, it will save your valuable time and will provide accurate results. Therefore, practice solving questions using short tricks to get a good command of them. With fast speed and relevant short tricks, you will be able to solve maximum questions accurately and that too in minimum time. 

  • Strengthen your English section 

It has been observed that a plethora of aspirants take the English section for granted. As a result, they lose their scores in this particular section which impacts their overall rank. So, instead of neglecting this section, give equal time to master the English section of the defence exam. As you have to appear for the interview round as well, you can boost your English speaking abilities by communicating in English in your daily life. You can also read English newspapers, magazines, novels and journals to enhance your English vocabulary and understand the grammar structures. Well, solving English quizzes is another better option to strengthen your English section engrossingly and easily. 

  • Time management

After entering the examination hall, you will be given a limited time to fill out your OMR sheet, read the question paper, solve each question and mark it on the sheet. If your time management skills are poor, you will not be able to complete your exam on time. Therefore, make a proper strategy to manage your time wisely during the exam. To get a better idea, you can solve a mock test under the strict timed condition. It will help you know where more effort is required, where you need to be quicker and what you have to quit. 

For instance, if you get stuck on a question and waste a lot of time on it, you need to skip that question and move to the next one to save time. This is how time management skills work and help you utilize your time properly without even wasting a nanosecond. 

  • Maintain sound health 

Without good health, your mind and body can’t work at their fullest potential. Therefore, it is better to take proper care of your health throughout your exam preparation journey. Taking time to maintain your health will not only improve your performance in the written competitive exam, but will also help you to sail through the physical screening test as well. Therefore, eat healthy food, drink adequate water, relish quality sleep and stay calm to build a strong physique and good mental health. Keep negative thoughts and worries at bay and just think positive all the time to develop an optimistic mind. 

  • Join coaching classes

As you know that the difficulty level of the defence exam is constantly rising, and candidates find it hard to prepare for the exam on their own. Don’t worry if you are not able to understand some concepts, you can easily seek help from an apt source. Joining a coaching institute and attending classes regularly will serve this purpose and help you get answers to all your queries. This way, you can easily resolve your doubts and attain in-depth knowledge of strenuous concepts in the least possible time. 

Are you looking for the best platform that provides the best defence coaching in Jalandhar? If yes, Search India can help you get details of the top institutes in Jalandhar so that you can pick the best one according to your requirements and budget. 

Wrapping up: 

To wrap up, even though defence exam preparation seems to be difficult, following the above-mentioned tips will make your preparation journey simple, interesting and productive. So, follow these tips to acquire the best outcomes. 

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