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7 Top Strategies for Creating A Good Topic Sentence in An Essay

by Maria James

Every paragraph in your essay starts with a topic sentence. This sentence expresses what the paragraph is about and what you will be discussing in the subsequent sentences. Such a sentence informs the reader about the two crucial things. One is the topic of the paragraph, and the other is the central idea of the paragraph of the essay. However, you can only do this when you know how to create a good topic sentence for your essay, and as you are here reading this article, it is not difficult to guess that you do not know about strategies to create this sentence. Well, you have come to the right place. In today’s post, we will discuss the 7 top strategies to create a good topic or starting sentence for your essay. So, let’s get started.

Top 7 Strategies To Create A Good Topic Sentence

Creating a good topic or opening sentence for your essay is a difficult task. As the writer, you must be super focused on the essay topic and the content you want to discuss in the paragraph. Along with this, knowing about the strategies to create this sentence is also mandatory. Therefore, a brief description of the top 7 strategies is as follows:

1. Know the main idea of the essay

As the topic sentence is most likely the first sentence of your paragraph, it needs to be a sentence that clearly states the main idea of the information which is coming next. To do this, you must have an idea of the main theme of the essay. By knowing the theme, you learn about the paragraphs you need to craft, which helps you further create this sentence.

2. Answer what and why

To write the opening sentence of the paragraph, you must have an idea of the what and why of the main idea. State what the topic of the essay is and why it matters to discuss it. When you answer these two important questions separately, you get a good idea of the purpose of your essay writing. Therefore, answer these questions very carefully.

3. Write the thesis statement

After performing all the steps mentioned above, write the thesis statement. A thesis statement is a statement that describes the purpose of your essay well and assists you a lot in the creation of the topic sentence. It is because you now have got a good idea of the purpose. You can easily create an opening sentence for the essay paragraph.

4. Use new information

Another strategy to create a good opening sentence is by using new information. Do not start the paragraph with, “As it is discussed earlier” or “Having said that.” Instead, leave the information discussed earlier and talk about something new in the paragraph. It could be a new fact about the essay topic that you have just learned from the internet or any other source. Hence, you must present the information in a new way.

5. Keep it concise and sweet

Strategy no. 5 for creating a good topic sentence is that you must keep this sentence concise and sweet. Conciseness here means that you must talk straight to the point and must not beat around the bush. The sweetness means that your intention must not be to force the reader to read your topic sentence or the whole essay. Keeping this sentence short also helps the essay flow smoothly toward the end.

6. Take this sentence as a transition

Topic sentences also work as transition sentences. When you write a topic sentence, you actually jump from one paragraph to another in the essay. So, whenever you are crafting this sentence, think of it as a “bridge” between the previous and the next paragraph, and craft it accordingly. To start this sentence, you can use transition words like “In addition” or “In contrast.” However, if you do not know the use of transitions, buy some essay samples from buy essay online services and read them.

7. Make it a compound sentence

Compound and complex sentences make the topic sentences stronger and make them sound high-level. Therefore, whenever you are creating a topic sentence, try to make it a compound sentence. How can you do it? You just need to join two clauses using a conjunction and a comma. If you do not want to use a compound sentence, no worries. Instead of using a compound sentence, you can craft a complex sentence.


Conclusively, a topic sentence is the opening sentence of any paragraph in the essay. This sentence needs to be informational, catchy, and, more importantly, easy to understand. The above discussed 7 strategies will be very helpful to you when creating such a sentence. Therefore, read all the strategies carefully with an open mind and create this sentence accordingly.

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