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Best Gold Plated Jewelry You Can Buy Online

by Maria James
Best Gold Plated Jewelry You Can Buy Online

Looking for the best accessory to pair with your outfit? Lifetime Jewelry offers a wide range of gold-plated jewelry that will add an extra glitz to your outfit.

Although fashionable, gold jewelry can be expensive, especially for those on a tight budget. The problem is that everyone wants to look good, and enhancing nearly any outfit with some shine is the best way to do so. People are attracted to gold because of its allure.

You can get the perfect gold plated jewelry online only at Lifetime Jewelry. They offer a lifetime replacement guarantee! They sell the top gold-plated jewelry online, visit their website to learn more.

Best gold-plated necklaces offered by Lifetime Jewelry 

  1. 5mm Gold Cuban Link Chain
5mm Gold Cuban Link Chain

They have a gorgeous 5mm Cuban Link Chain with Diamond Cut. It is 20 times more gold than a standard electroplate and is built of 24k gold over bronze. Because of this, it is made to last and gives you pure gold’s appearance and feel at a much lower cost. You know what the icing on the cake is, right? If it ever tarnishes, take advantage of the Lifetime Replacement Guarantee to obtain a new one for nothing!

  1. 3mm Flat Cuban Link Chain
3mm Flat Cuban Link Chain

The 3mm 24k Gold Plated Thin Flat Cuban Link Chain for Women and Men is 20X more gold-filled than a typical electroplate chain. It was created to last! People enjoy this since it is so reasonably priced and feels and looks like real gold. A lifetime replacement guarantee is offered by Lifetime Jewelery in the event of damage or wear. This lovely item comes in a pouch that is just right for gifts when it is delivered.

  1. 1.5mm Figaro Chain
1.5mm Figaro Chain

Figaro chains can be stacked with different necklace styles or worn alone. They also look beautiful when accessorized with pendants. On figaro chains, round, or teardrop-shaped pendants look particularly attractive. The greatest Figaro Chains are available from Lifetime Jewelry and come in various sizes. Pick whichever chain best meets your needs.

  1. 1.7mm Twisted Box Chain Necklace
1.7mm Twisted Box Chain Necklace

Wear it alone or with pendants, the 1.7mm 24k Twisted Box Chain necklace looks fantastic. They also provide it in rhodium, which resembles white gold. Each piece is made robust and durable by Lifetime Jewelery to ensure that it lasts a lifetime. In the event that it ever breaks or tarnishes, you can take advantage of the Free Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. Lifetime Jewelry is more than just jewelry; it symbolizes a commitment to you for all of time.

Visit their website to go through their selection of box chains, which you can wear with just about any outfit to add a touch of sparkle.

Tips to take care of your gold plated Jewelry 

Gold-plated jewelry may tarnish fast and lose color if the incorrect cleansers are used. So learning how to care for it is just as important as learning how to care for solid gold jewellery. To get rid of sweat, lotion residue, and other smudges, it’s a good idea to wipe off your jewelry with a soft cloth after each use.

Both soaking the jewelry and using too-warm water could loosen the glue holding the stones to the jewelry. So, avoid doing either. Rather, regularly wipe the components with a soft cloth. Use a damp cotton swab to remove any dirt or debris for a thorough cleaning after dipping it in a mix of water and mild soap. Jewelry should be rinsed and completely dried.

Even gold jewelry needs to be maintained properly to last. Nothing can ruin a day quite like a broken chain. You can lengthen the life of your gold-plated jewelry and keep it gleaming by giving it the correct care. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Do not expose your gold-plated jewelry to any harsh chemicals, oils, fragrances, or cosmetics. Put it on after putting cosmetics, perfume, or hairspray; remove it while cleaning.
  • Wearing body lotion or hand cream with gold-plated bracelets, rings, or chains is not recommended. Remove your jewelry before using any lotion because it’s recommended to use these before night anyhow.
  • When handling gold-plated jewelry, keep your hands clean; attempt to wash them before putting it on or taking it off.
  • Avoid exposing gold-plated jewelry to saltwater or chlorinated water. Before swimming in a pool, a hot tub, or the ocean, remove it.
  • Your jewelry might become contaminated by sweat, lotions, and perfume, which can stay on it and harm it. To remove oils and pollutants, clean the jewelry frequently with a cloth or a soft cloth.
  • When cleaning your jewelry, use warm water and a little liquid soap. Avoid using any abrasive cleaners or strong chemicals. The plated jewelry should not be brushed or rubbed as this could cause it to flake and reveal the metal.

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