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Hair extension is a famous product in the cosmetic domain. However, there are many brands which are dealing exclusively in various kinds of extensions. Hair plays an important role in enhancing the looks and representation of anyone. Although, these boxes can be made with any sturdy stock available in the market. Moreover, the type of hair extension helps you in designing the solution appropriately.

The bespoke solution is always helpful for your business. As they have the potential to deliver your business products more gracefully. Custom Hair Extension Boxes are offered by various brands but the choice is completely yours. Which one, box style you found more suitable according to your budget and according to location?

Variations of Box style for your Extensions

In this modern era, people love to look stylish, trendy, and up-to-date. However, there are numerous box styles that can be opted for as a better packaging option. Due to the increase in depression and stress in people, many of them are facing excessive hair fall issues. That’s why these false hairs have now become an essential part of every makeover and transformation. Although, there are a lot of brands that are producing different kinds of extensions some have clips and some of them just need to place.  That’s why there various options for the customers to avail themselves of the best suitable one.

  • Slider/ Drawer Style

The slider or drawer box style is quite an approximate packaging style for hair extensions. However, these two-piece styles can keep your extensions tangle-free as well as keep them secure for future use. These Custom Boxes can be made with many other variations like you can either choose, front sliders or side sliders as well as you can also pick a sleeve style option for the packaging of your extensions. These boxes can easily be prepare with any suitable packaging stock. Which can either be cardboard or Kraft or you can use the rigid stock for the luxurious look of your extensions.

  • Pillow Style Casing for Extensions

The Pillow shape is famous for its unique appearance and style. Although these boxes are famous in multiple domains of life. However, the durable and tough nature of this style makes it handier, more reliable, and more effective for packaging. Moreover, there is no limitation of stock as well, which is why you can easily design a suitable and convenient solution for the showcasing of your products. Although the addition of fancy sheets, ribbons, handles, windows and die-cuts can make these boxes more gentle and delicate for the showcasing of your hair extensions.

  • Separate lid with Window Boxes

There is another option for the packaging of your extensions is that you can design a box with a separate lid option. Such boxes give a wide opening to your products. Moreover, you can easily place in or take out your extension in such kinds of product boxes.

Furthermore, there are a lot more options for you that you can utilize for a better look at your Hair Extension Packaging Boxes. Like you can add a foiling effect to the lid of your boxes, the foiled logo on the middle of the lid will effectively work for branding, as well as help the customers in finding their product immediately. Moreover, such boxes look identical, more over you can easily keep your aesthetic products safe from harmful environmental effects. Like your false hair is completely safe from dirt and dust, furthermore, you can use these boxes again and again in the future.

  • Clear PVC Packaging

Clear PVC packaging is trending for many years. As Customers can easily get an idea about the length, the shade of color, and the type of extension easily. Although, these PVC solutions are not much friendly to our environment. Whereas, due to their customer’s friendly attitude these solutions are mostly in practice. However, you can also pick a Mylar bag with one side clear for the showcasing and trading of these trendy products. As these bags are durable that’s why your extension can stay fresh for a long in these pouches.

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