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How to sell your business on Social Networks?

We are in the digital age, the days of print advertising are long gone, build your brand and sell your products through social networks, show the new face of your business to your most loyal customers.

You need to have great ideas for this social media strategy to work, if you are successful you can reach and have a large audience of potential customers.

If you are thinking of selling your business on social networks, start creating a strategy, this is one of the options that sells the most today since most people spend checking social networks many times a day.

Social networks have become doors for companies of all sizes, large, medium or small, to capture more leads. On Facebook you can find all the tastes and preferences of the products and services that thousands of users are looking for.

How to sell your business on social networks?

You must have a page on social networks with the name of your business: Be clear on which platform you want to sell your brand based on the taste and needs of your customers and also visualize how you want to show your brand.

  • Stay active: It is recommended that you be consistent with the posts of the products you want to sell, upload photos of your products, update your contact information and add the link of your website in everything.
  • Generate valuable content: Provide the user with relevant and interesting content about your product or service, that captures attention and that they know about what differentiates you from the competition.
  • Testimonials and opinions: They are a key element in decision making. We could encourage these actions through email marketing or by asking the same social networks to do so.
  • Upload videos: This is a technique widely used by companies and you can use it by showing your products or creating tutorials.
  • Quick customer service: It is recommended to continue answering or talking to the customer where the query arrives. If your client asks the question through a social network, it is because it is convenient and fast.

How can you increase the sales of your business?

Even if you have an online store or a physical business, you should not ignore the possibility of selling your business on social networks, as this can help you generate more sales.

Remember to measure the results of the strategy you create by reviewing the site’s statistics, check where the traffic is coming from, what is the best time to publish and which of the content you create is most successful with your audience.

The best social networks to sell your products


This is the best option to sell your business on social networks, for companies or entrepreneurs looking to boost their online sales. With the Facebook store, you can enable the “Checkout” option, which allows customers to purchase your products within the same social network.

If you want to learn how to sell your business on social networks, follow these steps:

  • Open Facebook and click on the store icon.
  • Now click on “sell” and select the photo of the product you want to sell (remember to add the name and description of the product)
  • Select and confirm the location
  • Choose the category of your product
  • Within Facebook you can sell by catalog

Product catalog on Facebook

How can you sell your business on social networks by catalog? Show your audience the complete information of what your company offers, this can be from a single product to several, it also shows information about the services you provide.

An important fact that you should know is that the catalogs only work as a kind of showcase, this means that you can only show the product, but you cannot buy it.

To enable the purchase option you have to link the catalog with your store on Facebook or Instagram.

How do you create a catalog?

  • You must go to the Commerce Manager
  • Select “Create a catalog”
  • Choose the type of catalog you are going to publish

Sell ​​by Marketplace

The Facebook Marketplace is a place where any user can buy and sell their products, but there is no option to make payments.


Instagram is excellent for showing your followers the products or services you offer, Instagram has the option of Instagram Shopping with this option your customers can buy, observe, explore and receive recommendations for your products.

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business has the function in which you can add the catalogs of the products or services that your company offers, it is like a kind of mobile virtual store where you can publish and display a maximum of 500 products within the application.

Social Networks, how to choose the right one for each business?

Social networks such as Facebook and Instagram are excellent channels to obtain a greater reach of visibility and to be able to have a better closeness with your future clients. In these you can add data such as the price, the description of the product or service, the code and of course the link to your website.

Advantages of selling your business on social media

  • Working from the comfort of your home, you will also have flexible hours, that is, you can work at any time of the day and spend time with your family.
  • Increase your income, you can increase your business according to the time and economic investment that you decide.
  • If it is your own business, you have the opportunity to decide what type of products you want to sell on social networks, you can have a business according to your tastes.
  • Selling products on social networks does not require a large budget.

Promote your company on social media

It is important that you not only rely on the organic reach of the publications on social networks, it is also important that you support yourself with the creation of campaigns on Facebook Ads to give your business more momentum in networks.

Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads offer your business great segmentation possibilities, so that you can reach the public that interests you in a very exact way: age, gender, location, interests, behavior.


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