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How to Stick idol on car dashboard

by Maria James
How to Stick idol on car dashboard

People treat whatever they invest a lot of money in, such as a new house or car as if it were their child. Each individual spends a large portion of their hard-earned money on these things. When someone purchases a car, it becomes a source of pride for them. It serves as a success symbol for some.

Many topics, such as having homes and cars, cause people to feel strongly. Car owners are fussy and never make concessions when it comes to the components that go inside or on their vehicles. People find it more difficult to purchase specific car accessories as a result. Some people find solace in religious gifts, such as God’s automobile dashboard idols that spell out encouragement.

To stick idol on car dashboard, you can firmly fasten a tiny tray, cup, or another beautiful protective container so that your effigy can sit in it and be displayed conspicuously rather than directly attaching it to the dashboard of the automobile. A suitable container will have a secure fit that holds the effigy itself without needing any adhesive. If you are unable to find the ideal fit, you can hold the idol proudly on its platform with plasticine.

The interior of your automobile is likely to become hot enough to melt the idol if it is left in the sun for an hour or more with the windows closed, let alone the wax that was used to secure it to the dashboard. Furthermore, only a small number of adhesives, if any, can adhere to wax. RTV silicone, which has a vinegar-like odor while it cures, is the only option I am aware of that is likely to work.

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Owning a car demands a lot of dedication. They take great care to decorate their automobiles’ dashboards with ornaments like Buddha Statue for Car Dashboard, sculptures, clocks, and other accessories. These things are particularly tempting due to their wonderful designs, remarkable patterns, sturdy construction, lightweight, stunning appearance, and compact size. They work with high-grade plastic, stainless steel, and resins. For them, installation is simple.

So let’s know how to stick something on dashboards.

How to stick idol on car dashboard:

This blog post is for you if you’re seeking a way to give your car’s dashboard a little bit of personality or just want to know how to attach something there without it coming off. We’ll go over a few various techniques you may employ to ensure that everything you want to install to your dashboard stays in place.

You can use double-sided tape, as the object you wish to attach to your dashboard should be relatively light for this to function. Simply place a piece of double-sided tape on the object’s back, then firmly press it into place on your dashboard. With this technique, the object should stay in place rather securely but bear in mind that it might not be as secure as some of the other techniques we’ll cover.

You can also use velcro strips, they are generally available at stores that offer craft supplies and are also fairly simple to use. Simply press the dashboard and the object you wish to install on your dashboard together after attaching the velcro strips to both. With this technique, the item should remain in place reasonably well, although once more, it might not be as secure as some.


Use the right adhesive:

When selecting an adhesive for a car dashboard, there are a few factors to take into account. Choosing an adhesive that can resist high temperatures is crucial first. The glue you use should not melt or lose its hold in hot conditions because the dashboard can get very hot, especially in direct sunshine.

Next, it’s critical to pick an adhesive that can endure shock and vibration. When driving, the dashboard experiences a lot of vibration and shock, therefore it’s critical to select an adhesive that won’t lose its hold over time.

Also, Selecting an adhesive that won’t harm the dashboard’s finish is crucial. It is crucial to select an adhesive that won’t tarnish the dashboard’s finish because several adhesives have the potential to do so.

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