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Li Xiaoye Tiktok Star: Age, Height Net Worth, Family And More!

A beautiful Chinese Tiktoker and model Li Xiaoye is just 18 years old and her smile is so popular that people love to see her smiling in her videos. No doubt, she is so pretty that’s why people want to know more about her so today we will discuss her biography and other details including Li xiaoye tik tok and li xiaoye Instagram account details. Stay connected with us if you want to know more!

Li Xiaoye is also popular for dancing and lip-syncing videos and often posts her videos on Instagram and Tiktok. She comes from a Christian family but the details about her family are not available yet. She has beautiful features and has many followers on her social media accounts. Let’s learn more about her!

Biography of Li Xiaoye Tiktok Star:

li xiaoye instagram


Li Xiaoye was born in China and she is 18 years old as of 2022, her birth date is unknown yet. She is a fashion model and a social media star, mainly known as a Tiktoker. She makes cute videos and her smile and attitude attract her fans, that’s why she is loved by her fans. She is a video creator and wishes to do a lot more in her life.

There are no details available about her education (school and college), her Instagram description shows that she loves to see people smile and she is trying to make people happy through her videos. As we mentioned above that her family details are not available on the internet, let’s have a look at what we found:

Full Name: Li Xiaoye.

Age: 18 Years (as of 2022).

Date of Birth: Unknown.

Birthplace: China.

Profession: Tiktok star, Social Media star.

Net Worth: $500k – 1M Approx.

Hobbies: Traveling and modeling.

Marital Status: Single.

Boyfriend: Buyi yang.

School & College: Unknown.

Height: 5’5″.

Weight: 50 kg.

Zodiac Sign: Unknown.

Eye Color: Brown.

Hair Color: Light Brown.

Age, Height, and Net worth of Li Xiaoye:

Li Xiaoye is 18 years old as of 2022 and she is 5 feet and 5 inches tall. She looks so pretty in her videos and her cute smile makes her more beautiful. She regularly posts videos on social media to keep the audience engaged. We do not know about her birth date yet but we’ll update you soon so keep coming back for more updates.

As of her net worth, she is making a good amount of money by uploading her videos on different social media platforms, especially on Tiktok and Instagram. She has many followers and people love to see her so as per reports, her net worth is $500k – 1M approximately, however, her other sources of income are still unknown.

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Family details of Li Xiaoye:

She comes from a Christian family and she has Chinese parents, she also follows Christianity. The names and occupations of her parents and siblings are not known, nor did she reveal any details about them on any social media platform so it is not possible to tell you about her family. However, we will notify you as soon as she makes these details public.

TikTok and Instagram of Li Xiaoye:

On Li xiaoye tik tok channel, you will find some cute videos in which she keeps on smiling, she has many followers but some of them make fun of her, they think that her smile is irritating and she is smiling for no reason, that is so rude!

On Li xiaoye Instagram account, she has over 900K followers and she made over 1100 posts to date. She does not follow a lot of people nor does she share any personal information with her fans and followers.

Facts about Li Xiaoye:

li xiaoye instagram


Now that you know each and every detail available out there about the Tiktoker and model Li Xiaoye, we want to tell you some facts about her so read them below:

  • Li Xiaoye is noted for her adorable smile, stunning appearance, and charming demeanor.
  • Her religion is Christianity, and she was raised in a Christian home.
  • She is well-known for her TikTok lip-syncs and dance videos.
  • She likes to see people happy and her smile melts their hearts.
  • As per her Instagram description, she creates videos to make people happy, maybe that’s the reason she always smiles in her videos.
  • Li Xiaoye was criticized by some people for smiling without any reason.

Wrapping Up:

We hope you enjoyed reading this article; we have covered all of the pertinent information about her above. There’s a lot more she hasn’t shared yet, but we’ll keep you updated as soon as she does. If you are also a fan of Li Xiaoye‘s smile, let us know in the comments section!

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