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Little Kids Love Climbing on Everything: Top Reasons

by Maria James
Little Kids

You’re not the only parent chasing after a toddler to prevent them from climbing on sofas or standing on tables. There’s a reason why toddlers love to climb: it’s fun! They require a new challenge after becoming adept at crawling and pulling themselves up. They are also curious at that age, and climbing allows them to reach previously inaccessible heights.

Children and climbing share more than just a curiosity and restless energy; as they grow, they employ abilities like climbing to explore and test their surroundings. Children can perform this crucial exploration with the help of playground climbers like the pikler triangle in a secure yet engaging environment.

Because exploration is so important for a child’s development, climbing has many positive effects. Physical, mental, social, sensory awareness and health are the five areas into which the developmental advantages of climbing can be classified. Children may embrace play and exploration while being safe using indoor playground climbers such as little rocker.

Your toddler climbs on everything: 4 reasons.

Reason #1: Amusement: 

According to experts, kids climb for enjoyment. They climb for various reasons, including exploration, play, competition, creativity, chasing after companions, and much more.

Reason #2: Growth: 

Climbing is a part of their growth; all healthy children are born to climb. Children begin to use their basic natural impulses soon after birth to find, investigate, touch, and move objects as well as to build the cognitive and motor abilities required for learning how to climb. It’s just how they are. The act of climbing is a typical developmental phase.

Reason #3: Learning:

Children are wired to learn, and learning through climbing has advantages in skill development, fitness, health, and injury prevention. Children frequently climb to explore and see things from different angles.

Reason #4: Adrenaline: 

Children need plenty of chances to take risks for healthy development. According to experts, young children enjoy testing the limits of acceptable behavior, and climbing is another method for them to feel a “feeling of risk.”

How to stop your toddler from climbing on everything?

Does watching your child take chances and push their physical boundaries terrifying? Are you thinking of how you can stop your young child from climbing on everything? There is an easy solution! You can, however, accept their dangerous strategy if you are aware of its advantages.

Parents deny kids the freedom to play risky games to keep them safe, but in doing so, they make them more vulnerable to mental breakdowns. Children are wired from birth to learn emotional resiliency through dangerous, emotionally draining play. In the long run, restricting such play puts kids in greater danger than permitting it does.

In earlier times, kids spend their time outside, preferably on rocks, trees or logs, and parks, but parents are too busy to take them to parks these days. Also, they don’t feel safe letting their child go alone. Then, what? You can now use your inside space and buy a pikler triangle for your little kid to play safely.

Advantages of kid’s climbing playthings

  • Climbing playground frames improve kids’ physical health.

Such equipment like the pikler triangle will not only assist your child in reducing baby fat but will also help them develop stronger bones and muscles. Since they must both climb and hold, children who engage in climbing activities will strengthen both their upper and lower bodies.

Additionally beneficial to cardiovascular health is climbing. According to numerous studies, climbing is more effective than running at resupplying the body with oxygen. Young, physically active children, are likelier to continue living an active lifestyle as they age.

  • They promote mental growth.

Little rocker can boost brain growth in addition to helping your child develop muscles. Children will practice their motor skills and sensory experiences while playing with such items.

  • Little rocker helps build balance.

With this equipment, children discover how to maintain balance and develop excellent hand, foot, and eye coordination. While it also aids in reiterating the concepts of left and right. To develop their balancing abilities, it is advised that kids play actively for at least 30 minutes twice a day.

  • Improve their command to make decisions and solve problems.

They will likely make decisions at first in small steps, but as they gain expertise, they can envision a path leading to the top and take just one step. The pikler triangle is great for enhancing kids’ ability to plan and solve problems.

In what ways does climbing supports development?

Climbing improves a variety of abilities, including:

  • Sensory-motor.

Toddler uses their entire body deftly to climb a pikler triangle, which involves vestibular and proprioceptive input, enhancing balance and coordination. Stretching while climbing improves flexibility, and pulling with the arms and pushing with the legs builds major muscular strength.

  • Fine motor.

Small hand and foot actions, such as grasping and gripping, are improved by climbing. As a youngster constantly uses what they see to guide her motions, it’s also an ideal opportunity to build hand-eye coordination.

  • Cognitive

The above, below, over, and under spatial awareness, notions are supported by climbing. Additionally, it requires ongoing problem-solving and motor planning, which aids in teaching young children how to traverse their environments properly. Few climbing situations are precisely the same; even ascending stairs or onto a chair might provide slightly varied difficulties depending on the size of the chair or the width of the step.

Final words

Previously, toddler climbing equipment like the pikler triangle was considered luxury items that one could only find in the homes of the rich. But now, fortunately, more and more families may purchase playground sets for their homes, and you can get a fantastic wooden playset for kids for an affordable amount.

There is one straightforward explanation for why you would purchase such a toy as a little rocker, given that practically all parks already have them: it is quite likely that you cannot take your child to a park or play area daily. Your children can, however, always enjoy these playsets if you have them in the comfort of your own house. It promotes the child’s physical, mental, and social growth. Investing in a climbing component is a wise choice for families. Visit Lily and River’s website today to get the best little rocker in an affordable range.

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