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The Consequences of Plagiarism



Committing plagiarism comes with many consequences and each of them contains the potential to cause very negative results in the academic future of the accused student. What is often overlooked about the consequences of plagiarism is that it extends far beyond just the accused student. This section will highlight that plagiarism not only affects the student, but its consequences can also affect other groups, such as; other students, academic institutions and the UK economy. Students would be affected through their college career as it would be judged as inappropriate.

Academic institutions were affected in the same way, but their credibility and prestige suffered. Referring to the UK economy, the key consequence of committing plagiarism is that it creates low levels of individuals with the necessary skills to work in private sector companies, who hire these individuals. There are also legal issues for the student, especially if the student commits copyright infringement by plagiarizing content from academic tutors. Typically these cases are small in scale and center around a financial penalty which is settled in civil court.

If you are a student who is not sure about the consequences of plagiarism, you should consider the following:

  • Plagiarism can throw you out of your college career.
  • Plagiarism can result in your work being voided.
  • Plagiarism can result in expulsion from your academic institution, and in some cases, permanent expulsion.

Plagiarism could result in legal action, fines and penalties, etc.Overall, plagiarism does not stop growing in schools, institutes and universities in the academic world. The problem is not only that students feel more and more pressure to commit plagiarism, but also because of the potential for plagiarism due to increased access to information today with the use of the Internet.

Due to these reasons, the percentage of global plagiarism continues to rise. Related to these pressures, today’s students know that earning a college degree is no longer enough to guarantee a good job. Therefore, they recognize that getting the best grades possible is the only way to guarantee a good job after graduation. This is where the temptation to plagiarize the work of others arises. Likewise, plagiarism is now easier for modern students to commit since they can access any type of information using the internet. The internet has also increased the speed at which students can formulate a response to an essay.

In detail about plagiarism

However, it would be unwise to assume that just because the temptation and frequency of plagiarism has increased that the penalties have been reduced. This is not the case, in fact, if you are a student accused of plagiarism you could be expelled from your academic institution in addition to not being able to enter any other academic institution in the future. In the last three years, more than 50,000 students in the UK have been accused of plagiarism. Plagiarism is a very serious crime, not only in an academic context, but also in the world of work, since it could harm your professional future. This is the group of attributes that are associated with deliberate plagiarism. The problem here is accidental plagiarism, which carries the same consequences as deliberate plagiarism.

The consequences of being accused of plagiarism are serious, since it would affect the student’s academic record and would harm the decision to do a Masters or Doctorate. Indeed, if a student is accused of plagiarism, that student would find it very difficult to re-enter another university. This is because the student has shown that he is not an honest person, and if he is not expelled, it would prevent other more honest students from attending the same university. Additionally, with internships at university becoming more difficult to come by, it is very important to ensure that you as a student have the best possible chance of getting a place and being accused of plagiarism will not help you with this.

The consequences for the university due to student plagiarism

Another point of reflection within the discussion of the effects of plagiarism, which is often forgotten, is the effect that it can have at school, institute and university. This is because if the student commits plagiarism, it would result in low results and the reputation of the university major, itself, would degrade the reputation of the university. Results like these would affect the reputation of the university worldwide, which would prevent international students from applying to said university.

Therefore, in this section we have found that plagiarism contains a wide variety of harmful consequences for the student and the academic institution. With this said, it is important to know that plagiarism can also affect the classmates of the student who commits it. This is because he has the ability to devalue each of his peers’ college degrees, which they have worked very hard to obtain. From any angle, plagiarism is something that should always be avoided. It is also important that students recognize that the results of committing plagiarism can affect other individuals. Therefore, knowing this should encourage students not to copy the work of others when writing their own academic essays.

The consequences on the economy

Although it is hard to believe, the act of individual plagiarism can have significant effects on the economy. This is because it devalues ​​the university career of the students and therefore results in recent graduates not having the necessary requirements to add value to the economy. Plagiarism can also have a negative impact on the value of the economy because private sector organizations would suffer from a shortage of skills that recent graduates do not have due to having plagiarized content during their university careers. It should be noted that the students are the ones who are fooling themselves since they will surely not be able to work for the company of their dreams due to not having the necessary skills.

The legal consequences

There are also legal consequences for those students who have been accused of plagiarizing the work of other authors. This is because the student at fault is possibly in breach of copyright laws, specifically those regarding the delivery of data which is not his. An author has the legal right to sue a plagiarist. In the worst case, plagiarism can result in a criminal offense, however this is seen more in the journalism, publishing and media industry. With regard to copyright laws in particular, students should ensure that they avoid plagiarizing the work of other authors as if they are accused they could be taken to court.


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