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What is Digital Marketing And Why is it Important?

by Maria James
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing,  includes its devices as well as the Internet. Bet on this marketing, but with an awareness of what it is and what benefits it can bring you. Read the rest of the article and find out what you can get thanks to digital marketing.

Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing Firm in Birmingham is an advertising company that is based on digital formats. It uses digital communication channels with potential customers as well as customers. Advertising using digital marketing is not only aimed at increasing sales. It is also about building a base of regular customers, strengthening the brand’s position on the market, increasing recognition, and creating the image of an expert.


Appropriate content is crucial for relations with recipients. It is therefore worth investing in content marketing. It allows us not only to build relationships but also to share valuable knowledge with potential and current customers. Marketing activities of this type, therefore, consist in creating content, as well as distribution and brand promotion. Properly conducted advertising activities in the field of content marketing have a very large impact on the level of sales. For example, Internet search engine users very often look for reliable sources of knowledge.

Digital marketing is a multifaceted activity and of course, it is not limited to content marketing. A definite advantage of content marketing is the fact that it builds a brand, engages users, and educates.


For target groups to reach your product or service, it is also necessary to achieve the highest possible position in organic, i.e. unpaid search results. Digital marketing is therefore also about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) activities. This is a different positioning of websites.

The described form of digital marketing is divided into the following activities:

• SEO on Site and

• SEO off Site.

In the first case, digital marketing allows you to optimize the website, and operate within it. Therefore, aspects such as source code quality, content on the page, performance (site loading speed), responsiveness (adaptation to mobile device screens), site and multimedia size, appropriate URLs, and much more are taken into account.

On the other hand, Off-Site SEO is activities that are performed outside the client’s website. First of all, it is getting links. They are responsible for the credibility of the website. A large number of valuable links are treated by the search engine’s algorithm as a kind of recommendation.


Digital marketing is also the use of Google Ads campaigns (formerly Google Ad words). In this way, it is possible to display a text or product ad in the search engine. Using this type of campaign, it is also possible to display graphic ads (banners) in the Google Display Network. Google Ads also includes video ads on YouTube.

If you decide to advertise in the search engine, your website will be displayed in the first, second, third, or fourth position of all results in Google and will be marked with the slogan “Advertisement”.


Email marketing is one form of digital marketing. It uses mailboxes for promotion. They are also carriers of messages that your brand conveys. Thanks to e-mail marketing, it is possible to build a long-term relationship. However, it is necessary to ensure that the ads targeted through this channel are properly structured.


A group of marketing activities aimed at, among other things, generating traffic to a website is the so-called social media marketing. As part of it, specialists from the agency use it, among others.


Ads that promote mobile app installs include a link to the app on Google Play or the Apple App Store. They can be displayed both on the search network and the Google Display Network and on YouTube. Most often, this form of advertising message allows you to install applications directly from the advertisement. The two basic types of ads described are:

• promoting application installation,

• Ads that engage users.


The advantages of digital marketing include many channels of influencing recipients, as well as building a professional image. We have described above only some of the methods available online. However, as we mentioned, digital marketing is also activities outside the Internet. Consistently conducted campaigns reach recipients from all sides. However, they are subtle and subdued enough that potential customers do not treat them as intrusive.

Thanks to digital marketing, it is possible not only to attract customers but also to ensure the best possible image of the brand. Consistent content marketing campaigns, advertising in social media, and SEO contribute to the image of a reliable and professional company.

A definite advantage of the described activities is also the measurability of the effects. As such, you may receive information on any aspect of the services. Analytical tools also allow you to plan further digital marketing campaigns. Thanks to this, you know that specialists do not work “in the dark”. In this way, agency experts find out what else they can do to increase their reach and convince consumers to buy specific products or services. Detailed analyzes are currently the basis of all elements of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing Firm in Birmingham is being replaced by modern technologies. Business evolves along with technological progress, and therefore it becomes necessary to use modern forms of advertising. Thanks to digital marketing, it is possible to reach a precisely selected group of recipients. Properly targeted advertising brings huge profits. However, carrying out activities in the described area requires a lot of practice, knowledge, and skills.

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