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Crumbl Cookies Introduce Fluffy Delicious Ice Cream Cake

by Maria James
Crumbl Cookies

Crumbl Cookies they are a prominent cookie firm that releases new varieties on the market every week, in case you haven’t heard of them. I’ve been following along as a new box of Crumbl cookies each week, and after seeing this one, I just had to give them a try.

This decadent treat is reminiscent of a cookies and cream flavor profile, but with bigger cookie bits throughout. The cookie’s richness was disguised by a minty swirl of cookie pieces icing, which tricked me into believing Crumbl Cookies. If you love cookies and cream ice cream, then you will love these wonderful cookies or my personal favorite, Cookie Monster ice cream.

Crumbl Cookies Flavors of Cookies menu has two constants chocolate chip and traditional sugar and four cookies that change every few weeks. Each week a new flavor of the week is introduced. Every single one of them was tested by us.

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Free Delivery Service

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Enjoys Minty Treats and Tasty

The Aggie Blue Mint who enjoys minty treats like Junior Mints, Andes Mints and mint chocolate chip ice cream, this cookie was excellent. The minty icing on top is a buttercream, making it even more decadent and tasty. Overall, the cookie was very chewy and it had bits that looked and tasted like Oreos.

Chocolate Chips were Sizable

Milk Chocolate Chip cookie, the one standard Crumbl Cookies they would never deviate from. A good chocolate chip cookie is hard to come by, but this one is exceptional. The chocolate chips were sizable and the cookie was rich and chewy. I find it really intriguing and delicious that they opted for milk chocolate chips rather of, say, semi-sweet. I’d give it an 8.5 out of 10 since it’s decent, but I can do better.

Pink Sugar Cookie Caught my Eye

As the Pink Sugar caught my eye, I decided Finally Tried Crumbl Cookies to give it a go next. It tasted amazing, but I couldn’t identify the specific flavor. I couldn’t tell whether the cookie itself had a taste or if it was simply the icing. I pondered the question for a long, but I couldn’t come up with a good guess as to the frosting taste, so I went online to find out.

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Caramel Apple Cookie Filled with Apple Chunks

The Caramel Apple, the most striking of all, comes last. A handcrafted streusel-topped cinnamon-apple cookie filled with apple chunks and caramel drizzle. You know what they say about saving the best for last, and that’s precisely what happened here because, wow. Honestly, I can’t believe how delicious the Caramel Apple cookie was. The apple bits on top first struck me as an odd addition to a cookie, but the flavor profile ended up being spot-on.

Crumbl Cookies were seen in Four Different States

Crumbl Cookies was looking for specialty eateries on our spring trip around the Southeast and one place kept coming up Crumbl Cookies. We figured we may as well give it a chance with a name like that. Stores selling Crumbl Cookies were seen in four different states. North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. There was always a miscommunication about when we could eat, so we never got to any of them.

Placing an Order for Crumbl Cookies

The Crumbl Cookie storefront we saw was neat and contemporary. There isn’t a ton of space up front, but consumers can still place orders at a register or one of two self-service kiosks. The whole front of the store, including the kitchen and the spaces where products are mixed and baked, is made of transparent Plexiglas. There, you can see the cookies being baked.

Traditional Cookies with Chocolate Chips

This new twist on the traditional chocolate chip cookie was delicious. Large milk chocolate chips, roughly the size of a nickel, are included into the cookie’s traditional foundation. It’s not so commonplace as to be tiresome. Compared to traditional chocolate chip cookie dough, this one has a milder taste that works better with milk chocolate than semisweet.

Fall Pumpkin Cookie Cake

Crumbl Cookies this cookie is really a slice of cake that happens to be shaped like a cookie. This cake cookie is airy, fluffy and delicately flavored it is covered with a thick layer of cream cheese frosting and a sprinkle of micro chocolate chips. These chips don’t provide much taste, but they do make the cookie better-rounded.

The Fun-Filled Cookie

Crumbl Cookies Funfetti is an enjoyable take on a classic, using the same familiar taste of Funfetti cake mix with rainbow sprinkles. My little girl was the first to notice it. This was the plainest and least sugary kind of cookie. Nonetheless, the cookie’s basic taste and attractive appearance made it a winner.

Cookie is a Pleasant Experience

Pink almond icing is swirled on top of a traditional sugar biscuit. Almond extract is one of my most favorite ingredients. My favorite Crumbl Cookies crispy rice cereal snacks are improved with just a little bit of this. The taste of almond is boldly present in this frosting. Just eating the cookie is a pleasant experience. Not too sweet, but quite crumbly, particularly after coming to room temperature. You’d better have something to drink on hand.

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