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Kudremukh trek: The most beautiful trek in Karnataka


A hill town in Karnataka, southwest India, is one of the few tourist spots that blends with nature’s abundance. Animals, excitement, historic sites, and coffee, this location is ideal for a vacation getaway for everyone.

Few activities in Chikmagalur are as thrilling for thrill-seekers as climbing Kudremukh, the 3rd highest peak in Karnataka. This tough trek takes you through wide grassy fields and steep hills covered in deep forest, among the most beautiful scenery in the area. This trip is highly recommended even for those who have no trekking experience. Before starting your trip, get ready to be mesmerized by this Chikmagalur place as you witness the stunning view of the mist-covered mountains and valley from the peak, which is at a height of 6207 feet.

Kudremukh trek is a must-see if you’re in Bangalore, and it’s well-known among trekkers for its stunning scenery. This Kudremukh journey is a round journey that includes more than 10 streams to cross as well as wide meadows. Kudremukh means “horse’s face” in Kannada. The unusual form of the summit inspired its name. Historically, this was known as Samseparvath because it was accessible from Same village. Kudremukh is situated in the Chikkamagaluru district which is in the heart of the Western Ghats. This is a part of the Kudremukh National Park, which is the western ghats’ second-largest wildlife protected area.


What is the best time to trek in Kudremukh?

To visit this wonderful location the best time is during the winter and monsoon. If you want you may go at any time of year but during the monsoon season is the best time to visit. Over there you can witness the purplish blue flowers during the monsoon at Neelakurinji, which flowers bloom just once in every 12 years. The trek location is totally neat and clean and plastic free. The Kudremukh hill is around 1894 meters. The panoramic views of green meadows are superb sites. Over there, Asia’s largest greenland is the famous Bedni Bugyal. The views of this place are the most amazing. 


How long does Kudremuk take to trek:

From Mullodi the Kudremukh trek is easy and moderate for all the visitors and the trek takes around 11.5 kilometres away. There you are not allowed to trek overnight and you have to prepare to return to Mullodi. The total trek is around 23 kilometres which you can complete within 1 day. 


Kudremukh route:

The Kudremukh trek is started from the base camp Mullodi guesthouse. Over there the forest headquarters is situated. In this trek you will cross approximately ten creeks and this is the final home before the trek starts. The Kudremukh Trek trail has a 30-degree bend.


During the Kudremukh trek you have to carry raincoats because in the monsoon season heavy rain pours. You can see some streams over there and you don’t need to carry extra water. During this trek bring some package lunch. In the Kudremukh trek when you are in monsoon season over there you have to be careful. Because in this monsoon season the paths are getting more slippery. 


The Kudremukh trek is a one-day trip:

You can complete the whole Kudremukh trek in one day. For the weekend fun the location is beautiful and peaceful to spend time with your friends or family. From Bangalore city via Karnataka buses are always available from Kempegowda bus stand. Then reach the Kalasa bus stop.

You can book a jeep in advance for the Kudremukh trek. The jeep may take about an hour to reach the Mullodi guesthouse or the base camp. Over there you can start your trekking and hiking journey. 


Kudremukh National Park, the Kurinjal:

The whole Kudremukh trek may be completed in one day. And during this trek in addition you can explore an amazing hiking place which is Kurinjal Hill. This Kurinjal peak may be shorter but this is a great weekend trip from there. 

The Kurinjal is a very common peak to explore in the Kudremukh national park which acts as the most popular destination for all the visitors from the base location. This location is as perfect as the monsoon season’s views. The Kudremukh is a mesmerized place to visit with its natural beauty and enchanted sightseeings. This place is a totally unforgettable experience to explore. 


Places near Kudremukh to visit:

In the Kudremukh peak there are also several places to visit including the Somawathi waterfall, Kalasa temple, Horanadu temple, Tea Estate, and a hanging bridge. 

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