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Master Your Mixing with Hobart: Unveiling Their Top 3 Mixer Models

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Hobart, an esteemed name in kitchen appliances, provides powerful mixers designed to elevate culinary endeavors. Hobart mixers offer something for every professional chef in a busy restaurant kitchen, home chef, or culinary enthusiast. The Hobart Planetary Stand Mixer offers three models in this article to meet your needs and preferences. 

From compact and versatile options to heavy-duty workhorses, Hobart mixers offer everything from compact versatility to heavy-duty power to take your culinary creations to the next level. A powerful mixer is essential if you enjoy baking, breading, creaming, and making ice cream. Hobart is one of the most powerful mixers. Spiral and planetary mixers come in different sizes. Choose one that you know will last for years. The mixers are also equipped with many accessories to increase the flexibility of your operation. Bring your ideas to life!

Hobart’s Top 3 Mixers

You will love these three Hobart’s Mixers. Check it out.

Hobart N50 Commercial Mixer

Hobart’s N50 Commercial Mixer excels in small applications. The stainless steel bowl is 5 quarts in size. It comes with a flat beater “B,” a wire whip “D,” and a dough hook “E.” You get everything you need. The heavy-duty motor, gear-driven transmission, and heavy-duty motor ensure consistent performance. It’s perfect for use at home, in culinary schools, small bakeries, and restaurants. All uses are possible. 

The cleaning is easy, and the use of it is simple. The work is completed by simply switching the On/Off switch. Start by selecting the right speed, and then begin mixing ingredients consistently. The product’s dimensions are 10.5 x 17.8 x 15 inches, and its weight is 49.8 lbs. What do customers think? Customers are thrilled!

Hobart Legacy 40 Quart Planetary Mixer (HL400-1STD)

Hobart’s HL400-1STD Legacy Planetary 40-Quart Mixer is another excellent model. It is ideal for environments with high yields. It blends, whips, and kneads. The 30-to-140-quart size is available. The 60-,80-, and 140-quart models have an ergonomic handle. However, the Power Bowl lift button is available in 80-and 120-quart sizes. This button raises and lowers a bowl with the touch of a single button. 

Automatic Time Recall is also included in this model, which remembers the time used for each speed. It also has a removable bowl guard and splash guard. The base is easy to clean, with few seams. But that’s not it. Mixing will be safer. This mixer has a bowl lock, bowl-height sensor, and a bowl lock for maximum safety. This model is perfect for you.

Hobart Legacy Planetary Mixer (HL200-1STD)

The Hobart Legacy Planetary mixer HL200-1STD is perfect for those with limited space in the kitchen. It can mix cream, egg whites, and heavy bread dough. The machine is compact and will do the job like a pro! The exclusive swing-out dish makes it easy to load and unload products, and the proven technology of the Variable Frequency Drive provides power and speed. 

The Variable Speed Gear Driven System delivers the power required for precision dough production. The system has both traditional speeds and Automatic Time Recall, which remembers the last recorded time at each speed. You can mix multiple batches of the same product. It’s so easy to use. Dimensions are 22.9 x 191 x 30 inches. The weight is 189 pounds.

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