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Oman Embassy Attestation

An anyone who plans to move to Oman for work, school, or any other purpose may use the service of Oman embassy attestation.

Every person must have their business and specific personal certificates confirmed by the Oman embassy in Delhi, India, prior to travelling to Oman. On the other hand, using certain personal documents and educational documents in Oman requires an apostille from Oman.

Apostilles and attestations ensure a certificate’s validity, making them crucial for travelling to other countries.

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), a department of the Indian government, verifies and attests to the legality of all Indian documents.

The MEA has formally authorised Superb Enterprises Private Limited, or SEPL, to gather and deliver papers for Oman apostille and embassy attestation.

Superb Enterprises is the only organisation approved by the Cultural Division of the Omani Embassy to collect and transmit educational records for the Oman Culture attestation.

The administrative work associated with attestation and apostille by the Omani embassy is handled by Superb Enterprises.

Embassy of Oman Attestation Required

People relocate from their home country to another for a variety of reasons, including business, education, job, and travel. Here are some typical justifications for using Superb Enterprises’ attestation and apostille services.

Attestation of Educational Certificates Required

Work permit
Permit to Work
study permit
Employment \sBusiness

Personal Certificates Needed for Attestation

Residence permit
family permit
Partner visa
Children admitted

Need for Commercial Document Attestation

Trading in exports and imports
The dissolution of the LLC partnership Opening a bank account Registering a company

Why does Oman Document Attestation need to be done?

  • To obtain a work visa
  • Oobtain a family residence permit
  • Acquire a higher education
  • In order to enrol in school in Oman

In order to accomplish the Oman Attestation as quickly as possible, we can swiftly transmit certificates between all the necessary offices as a reputable attesting service provider. It can be difficult to certify certificates that have been requested to be presented by an Omani official. Your certificates will be protected from errors and delays if you use SEPL services. Certificates must be processed correctly in order to avoid being thrown out when applied for in Oman. For the following documents, we specialise in obtaining Certificate Attestation from the Omani Embassy and Consulate in India:-

Birth Certificate Attestation for Oman Police Clearance for Degree Certificates Commercial Document Attestation for Oman; Oman Certificate Attestation; Oman Affidavit Certificate Attestation

Attestation of Degrees for Oman

Regional Attestation Center (HRD/GAD/State Education Department) State-specific certification plus Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) certification certification from the Federative Republic of Oman’s embassy in New Delhi.

Non-Academic Documents Procedure for Oman Certificate Attestation

Method 1:

State Home Office Attestation from the concerned state plus Attestations from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and the Federative Republic of Oman Embassy in New Delhi


Procedure 2 (Case Particular):

Maharashtra Home Department + Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) + Federative Republic of Oman Embassy in New Delhi = Attestation.


Procedure 3 (Case Particular):

Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM), New Delhi; Ministry of External Affairs (MEA); and Oman’s embassy in New Delhi, all with their respective attestations.

Business Documents Procedure for Oman Certificate Attestation


Attestation from the appropriate Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), and Federative Republic of Oman Embassy in New Delhi.

Documents for Business Attestation

  • Attestation of an export invoice
  • Attestation of the Packaging List
  • Attestation of a Power of Attorney
  • Attestation of a Certificate of Origin
  • Attestation of a Certificate of Incorporation
  • Attestation for a Chemical Analysis Report
  • Attestation for Physical Analysis Report
  • Document Attestation
  • Attestation of a Food Product Test Report

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