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Pretty Scale: The vicious place that classifies on the basis of looks

by Maria James
Pretty Scale

It is very upsetting that around 10,000 women every month search on Google “Am I ugly?When you ask the question the topmost link that you will see will probably be  is a “dangerous” site which viciously rates your looks and points out your imperfections on the face, none other than prettyscale.com 

Pretty Scale began in 2011 and works by examining your photos and then rate you a number from one to 100 — ugly to beautiful. 

Not only does it give you an inhumane tag, but it also breaks down your heart to let out exactly how you are falling short of being pretty, from your nose size to your facial shape.

This site was created by a programmer in Pakistan named Aqueel. He first started it as a site to “prank co-workers”.

It quickly gained popularity and now gets 20,000 to 40,000 hits a month.

Fabulous Online got in touch with the creator of the “Prettyscale.com body test” to know why he felt the need to create such a baseless site.

Aqueel’s reply : “There are people who believe in astrology and who want to know about themselves from others. Why not give my site a try as well? 

“It all started as a prank site but some took interest in it, so I made it look more serious and added features like golden ratio.”

Aqueel also said that the “prettiness” ranking is built on many elements.

The creator added: “Then it does comparison of face features like nose, eyes, lips etc.

“Those facts are form from the average proportions of people that the media shows as beauty icons.”

The app ignores all those colors and focuses on face features and proportions only. But there are issues with some identities who have bigger noses or lips or wide gaps between eyes. How can they complain about it when they themselves go for plastic surgery? 

Although the Pretty Scale creator himself call it a “stupid website”, the YMCA’s. Be Real Campaign claim that sites like this are very risky.

Body image campaign’s Head, said to The Sun:

Today’s beauty pressure is really unrealistic and there’s so much pressure on people to look a certain way.

People seem to be really unhappy with their looks and can’t accept how they look because they feel they can’t keep up with the perfect bodies they find on magazines, TV or online all the time.

A website to compare our looks would be the last thing that we needed, telling us that we are not good enough. This is really precarious for youngsters as more than half of them are not made feel good enough for the way they look. They already doubt themselves so much.

We should all care about our well being and inner beauty rather than feeling sad for how we look from outside. 

The Pretty Scale creator accepted that they are aware about how bad this site can be  despite creating it..

“They said:  you have to be very, very out of proportion to be call ugly. It’s most probably your mistake if you don’t inform them correctly about your facial features right. Because the site cannot really see your face features, you have to draw lines.”

According to the software’s standards you can only get 100 percent beauty rank if you are mathematically perfect”


In the end of this article I would just say that do not feel bad because some stupid site called you ugly. Your outer beauty is not that really matters. Try being beautiful from inside and be kind to others. That’s where the real beauty lies. Still if you are so unsure talk to your family or friends, the people that really matter. Waybinary is only way where you can learn additional information about Pretty Scale.

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