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6-Important Questions Before Hiring a Piano Mover

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6-Important Questions Before Hiring a Piano Mover

Professional piano movers offer valuable services that most pianists understand. In addition to being large, unmanageable instruments, pianos include many tiny working parts. Hiring experienced movers is the only way to ensure the safety of musical instruments. They move the piano from one floor to another with more care.

Unfortunately, there are differences between all piano transporting firms. Compared to others, some have more specific experience.

So, Musicians should choose the best piano moving company as it is not advisable to pay for damage.

Read on about questions every pianist should ask before hiring a moving company.

Important Tips Before Hiring a Piano Mover

Is the Piano mover adequately licensed?

Piano movers must be licensed by the U.S. Department of Transportation and provide USDOT and MC numbers. These numbers must be listed on their website and truck and not posted in both locations.

 The USDOT number identifies the company and allows quick access to safety information. At the same time, the MC number enables carriers to cross state lines and track freight brokers.


Money is not the only factor. Hiring a professional piano mover will typically save you money compared to repairing your instrument if it gets dropped.

A professional piano mover will collaborate to ensure your instrument reaches its new location, whether it be across town or the country. Safety is the true advantage of hiring them.

Professionals who specialise in piano relocation will likely handle your piano with care.

Additionally, you can rely on them to adhere to your specific instructions regarding the placement and movement of your piano.


Yes, DIY is always cheaper than others, but it’s only sometimes good. The reason is that piano moving businesses have specific tools that facilitate and secure the task for all parties.

They have skills in the safe disassembly and reassembling of pianos, something that can be challenging for novices.

 Additionally, It’s important to weigh the risks before opting for a DIY option to piano removals.


Musicians should be fine with submitting insurance claims if they engage with a reliable piano mover.

It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Ask for proof of liability insurance to guarantee the company can cover any damages to the piano.

Additionally, moving companies should have worker’s compensation, commercial automotive, and comprehensive business insurance to protect clients from potential damages and injuries.


Moving sensitive things is a complex process. Piano is undoubtedly among them. Therefore, the question of liability for damages is crucial to consider.

Asking about their damage management strategy, including the claims procedure, available compensation, and necessary paperwork, guarantees openness and comfort during the move.

Hence, Reliable movers are committed to promptly and fairly handling potential damages, demonstrating their dedication to client satisfaction and professionalism.


Understanding the cost structure of moving companies is crucial for clients. It does not matter whether your piano will be long-distance or nearby.

 Ask about hourly rates, services included, and any additional fees to budget. This helps avoid surprises on moving days.

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