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Social Rebel Reviews: Is It Real Or Fake?

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If you have read everything about Social Rebel but still can’t decide if social rebel is real or fake is real or fake then don’t worry and read this article till the end. We can assure you that you will be able to make the best decision by the end of this article but for this, you have to make sure that you read the provided information by paying full attention to each and every detail.

The question is why in the first place people started to think about its authenticity? Some people must have had bad experiences with this platform and we are here to analyze this platform from different angles to give you the best possible answer because as you know when it comes to online earning the risks attached to it increase automatically. So let’s get started!

What actually is Social Rebel?

It is basically a website that claims to help people by offering them the opportunity to earn money by conducting surveys, trying out apps, and recommending others to Social Rebel. As per the site, you will receive a $50 sign-up bonus and affiliates earn $2 for each referral who clicks on their link and $20 for each sign-up. But is it really so? Keep reading to clear all your doubts.

Ralph R. Lawson and Chad Evans created Social Rebel in 2018. They are situated in the Netherlands and have over 500,000 members dispersed over 140 countries, according to its website. They claim that Social Rebel has amassed over 1 million shares since its inception. There is no minimum cash out for its users.

What’s the history of Social Rebel?

The information and the history provided on the website about the founders and owners of Social Rebel looks suspicious. They don’t have any images, but their names and jobs in the company are listed. There is no information known about the staff of the company.

There are some social icons next to the team names, but these icons do not take you to their social media profiles instead you will be redirected to somewhere else. A lot of details about this website are missing, you will get to know the risks associated with this one later in this article.

How to use Social Rebel?

First, you need to join the platform if you are using it for the first time, and for this, you have to go to the official website and create an account. Then, you will be given a referral link once you have your own account, you have to share that link with your friends and family as much as possible in order to earn.

You’ll get $2 for every person who clicks on your link and $20 for everyone who signs up. There are also some tasks available so you can also earn by completing those tasks. You will receive payment by PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, or Bitcoin as per the claims of this site. It is possible that your information could be stolen so read the next heading to know more.

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Social rebel is real or fake?

Social Rebel Reviews

We will share some important factors with you and then we will decide the answer so stay connected with us in our inspection and move to the conclusion with us. We will also share Social Rebel Reviews so that you can easily make your decision. Here are some important details:

  • This website lied about the date of creation, as per its claims, it was created in 2018 but upon checking and gathering information from reliable sources, we got to know that it was created in 2021. It is such a big difference, so how can someone trust them? No one should.
  • You must be thinking that why people go for it if they are liars, it is because they trap them by showing fake payment proofs. The website displays numerous screenshots of people being paid by Social Rebel, however upon closer inspection, we realized that nothing is real.
  • When we searched for Social Rebel Reviews, we found some groups on social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram and all of them are telling people to be aware of this platform. Why would anyone say that if there is no harm? Something is definitely fishy!
  • Who pays 50 dollars for doing nothing? This website claims to be doing that, so it has over 500,000 members and that makes a lot of money that no corporation would throw! So, this thing is so unusual and we can’t trust their words.
  • Furthermore, it looks similar to scamming websites like tap2earn, Earncashto, Next cash, and others, hence, can’t be trusted but the last decision would be yours.

Social Rebel Customer Reviews:

Now that we have provided a clear understanding of this website, let’s have a look at what its users think about this platform. Honestly, people are confused but you have read everything and know the reality of this website.

According to its users, the chances of getting paid are extremely low, and people continue to wait even after fully completing all of the requirements. It is a regular issue when dealing with fraudulent websites. Sometimes all of your hard work in inviting individuals goes to naught because all of those invites may disappear, leaving you disappointed.


Social Rebel is a platform that claims to be paying the users upon the completion of tasks but as we promised above that we will guide you in the way that you’d be able to decide for yourself, we did and we hope that you found this article useful.

It is wise to stay away from such websites if you see so many red flags instead of trying your luck. However, not everything on the internet is a scam, so you can go for alternatives after doing proper research.

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