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What are Ceramic Braces? Complete Guide

by Maria James

In the case of clear ceramic braces, it’s easy to describe them as being the similar to traditional orthodontics however with brackets constructed of tooth-colored material that blends into your smile’s natural shade.

Based on the nature of your treatment depending on the course of your treatment, our Ottawa orthodontist might be able to utilize tooth-coloured archwires too!

How Much Do Clear Ceramic Braces Cost?

Ceramic braces can cost between $3800 to $7,800 in Canadian dollars.

It’s not uncommon to be contemplating how much you’ll spend spending for clear ceramic braces. Incredibly, this alternative method of orthodontics is less expensive than you think.

While the prices of ceramic braces tend to be a bit higher than conventional metal braces, the gap is slowly closing. There is a slight cost increase in the supply of the required materials, which is affecting the price of ceramic braces.

The difference in the amount in your monthly budget overall isn’t too significant.


The cost of clear braces is contingent upon your dental anatomy, health, as well as the total duration of treatment.

For instance, someone who is getting short-term braces to correct their front teeth could require only braces for 3-4 months while those with an extensive mallocclusion (misaligned bite) may require 18-20 months.

The amount of time needed for proper alignment of the teeth is directly related to the cost of the procedure. Our orthodontist will give you an accurate estimate of the length and cost of the treatment during the consultation.

Because of our cost-effective in-office financing options Clear ceramic braces are priced about the same, or just slightly more than conventional orthodontics.

What’s Better: Ceramic or Metal Braces

There’s plenty to be said about the benefits of ceramic braces , in addition to their aesthetic appeal.

Since the ceramic systems are created similar to traditional braces, they offer many of the same benefits during treatment. Both are effective in tackling everything from minor teeth misalignment to massive crowding and issues with space.

However, our ceramic braces offer an additional advantage. There aren’t any elastic bands or wires that secure them The archwires that are used in cosmetic braces can slide under a trap-door design that is built in the bracket made of ceramic. This helps reduce pressure and tension on the teeth of the patient and makes the entire procedure more comfortable.

How to Avoid Ceramic Braces Stain

It’s normal to be worried about staining and buildup on ceramic or cosmetic braces. The discoloration, plaque or tartar may make your appliances appear more noticeable (and not be so “clear.”)

The good news is that great oral hygiene is all will reduce the chance of developing discoloration or stain while you’re undergoing treatment. Here are some important tips to be aware of:

Make sure to brush your teeth two times every daily. Make sure you take the time to devote at least two minutes each brushing session. Concentrate on the top and bottom of each bracket while you scrub through your teeth. You can employ a tufted-end tooth brush (such such as “proxyor “proxa-” or “proxa-” brush) to scrub up and lower between the brackets.

A toothbrush that is powered by an electric motor can keep your teeth clean rather instead of relying on a manual version.

Clean between every tooth with an orthodontic flosser that is specially designed or a water flosser, which can get to areas where a toothbrush is unable to.

If possible, avoid eating food items that can create the largest amount of staining, like coffee, soda, tea red wine, spaghetti sauce etc.

You can consider adding a whitening mouthwash or toothpaste to prevent the formation of tooth stain.

Regularly schedule cleanings in conjunction with your Barrhaven dentist at least every 6 months. (Obviously If you do not reside in Barrhaven it is necessary be referring to the dentist that you visit in the city you reside in. )

Do Ceramic Braces Take Longer?

As we’ve seen, ceramic braces are very similar to traditional orthodontics. They require about the same amount of time to the completion of your treatment.

However, treatment may be longer when home care instructions are not followed.

For instance, if you require a specific elastic or appliance during the night and visit our Barrhaven orthodontist according to a predetermined schedule, ignoring these steps could significantly extend the duration of your treatment.

The more committed you are in following your home care instructions and making appointment times, the faster we’ll be able to finish any orthodontic treatments, no matter the kind of braces you’re wearing.

Ceramic Braces for Adults

If it’s about who is a suitable candidate of ceramic braces from Barrhaven Adults tend to compose the large portion of patients. Ceramic braces can be given to teens with a responsible lifestyle but the majority of people who ask for them are parents or professionals working.

With the help of ceramic brackets, executives can hold business meetings and not impede their appearance. A busy mom can present herself in a professional manner without appearing like she’s back in high school and college students are able to present their best self when looking for their first job.

However, there’s no age limit on the use of orthodontic devices. It’s possible to be old or have a new grandparent and still enjoy the straighter smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Schedule a Consultation to Get Started

Before choosing a particular kind of braces that you like, our Barrhaven orthodontist will examine your bite, your oral anatomy, and dental health and then go over any feasible alternatives with you. The same applies in the case of clear ceramic braces.

Complete the form below. send us a message to start. Braces Haven is welcoming new patients.

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