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Why Study MBBS in China as Job Prospect?

by Maria James
MBBS in China

MBBS in China

China is one of the most popular study-abroad countries because of its top-notch infrastructure, research-focused curriculum, and high standards of instruction. Due to its large employment rate, it is one of those nations where this topic has gained significance and become one of the highest-paying jobs. Shihezi University, Shanghai University of TCM, Qingdao University, Liaoning University of TCM, Queen’s University, and Fudan University are a few of the top universities among others, Beijing Normal University. However, it’s important to realize that MBBS is a necessary component of the process if you’ve been looking into how to become a doctor in China. The breadth, qualifications, employment prospects, and advantages of studying in China will be described in this article.

Top MBBS Colleges in China

The MBBS in China curriculum typically lasts 3–4 years. To apply for this, nevertheless, one must have completed a Bachelor’s degree programme.

Additionally, people who did not study science in high school must spend an additional five years studying MBBS. Their first year will therefore be devoted to mastering these ideas. Additionally, this course’s intake runs from September through November.

Universities for MBBS in China Degree

However, because there are a limited number of seats available for this programme, the colleges that offer MBBS are listed for clarity:

  • Fudan University
  • Zhengzhou University
  • Yangzhou University
  • Kunming Medical University
  • Fujian Medical University
  • Sichuan University

Eligibility and Other Requirements to Study MBBS in China

To study MBBS in China, however, applicants must be eligible. Despite the fact that the eligibility requirements vary every university, several fundamental requirements must be completed. Which are?


  • Candidates from any stream may follow this course, but they must get 55% of the possible points.
  • Statements of purpose and recommendation letters are also required.
  • If they take the IELTS exam, they must achieve at least 6.5 in the band. However, students must be able to obtain a score of 90 on the TOEFL if they opt to take it.
  • In order to study for an MBBS degree in China, Indian candidates must also pass the NEET exam.


  • Candidates must hold a biology bachelor’s degree.
  • In order to qualify, they must have received a bachelor’s grade of 75–80%.
  • A band score of 6.5-7 overall on the IELTS is necessary.
  • They have to have a TOEFL score between 580 and 600.

Documentation Required for MBBS in China

The following records must be readily available when applying:

  • A passport photocopy.
  • Recommendation letter.
  • Two letters of reference.
  • Test results for English language proficiency.
  • Application form online.
  • Financial records

Costs, Benefits of Studying in China and Job Prospects

Due to the excellent standard of life, quality of education, and low cost of tuition, China is one of the most popular locations for students. Additionally, there are a lot of work chances in China for foreign students.

Students who have completed their education can apply for a postgraduate work permit. Once they have worked for a year, the individuals will also be qualified for permanent residency. Additionally, China provides scholarships for its foreign students based on their degree of study.

MBBS Degree Can Lead To Respectable Careers Options

Jobs requiring this degree have also grown dramatically as a result of the growing conversation around mental health. Additionally, it is known that an MBBS degree can lead to respectable careers as a counselor, psychiatrist, psychologist, rehabilitation MBBS, etc. There are 15,700 available positions in total for the 2018–19 school years. Consequently, there will be a growing need for MBBS as a subject.

A doctor’s income can also vary, but according to a survey by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary is $80,370.

Wrapping Up!

This is the path to realizing one’s dream of becoming a doctor in China. One must be aware of the open positions and submit applications in advance. Additionally, given the popularity of this subject in China, this would be a wise decision. And for more information, you should contact with Overseas Education Consultants.


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