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Black Panther Easy Drawings For 6-Year Olds

by Maria James
Black Panther Easy Drawings For 6-Year Olds

Easy Drawings For 6-Year Olds there are numerous unique superheroes with various abilities, skills, and appearances in our various media. Superman was the first superhero; thus, superhero culture would probably look very different today without him.

Since 1938, Superman has captivated audiences of all ages through various comic books, movies, video games, and other media. Easy Drawings For 6-Year Olds these characters can be challenging, so if you want to learn how to draw them, this is the right tutorial.

Step-by-Step Instructions

In this first section of our sketching tutorial, we’ll create Superman’s head and face. Unlike many other superheroes, Superman doesn’t wear any mask. Compared to previously masked heroes, drawing his head might be a tiny bit easier today!

You might begin by pencil sketching an oval to maintain his head’s proportions while drawing the final embellishments. In this image, he looks quite sad, and you can easily sketch the contours of his face using some simple lines.

Drawing Instruction

Then, you can outline his facial traits, such as his upright jawline and sharp ears, with a face contour. Then we’ll draw his instantly identifiable hairstyle, which features the familiar “Superman curl”!


  • We are finished when we have wrapped the neck of his garment’s starting portion.


  • Now start drawing his cape.
  • One of Superman’s most distinctive aspects and the subject of this second portion will be the character’s flowing crimson cape.
  • We will construct curved and rounded lines that flow behind him, starting from the collar of his clothing.
  • As you complete this part, please make an effort to match each line exactly what it appears in the reference image. We’ll add more to the cape later, so let’s go!


  • Step three is to draw his arms and the last portion of his cloak.
  • In this section of our drawing tutorial, we will sketch Superman’s arms and add more detail to his cape.
  • For this shot, he will be in a flying position, raising his fist in front of him as he soars into the air.
  • Draw his left hand first, then his arm with curved and rounded lines behind it.
  • In this phase, try to closely mimic the reference image to achieve the right proportions.
  • You can start drawing his chest once the right arm is out to the side. Add additional illustrations of his cape flowing to the right to finish this phase.


  • Add symbols for the rest of his body, including his chest.
  • The S emblem on Superman’s chest is another instantly recognizable and iconic aspect of his design.
  • It may be more difficult to draw this sign than you think, so start by sketching its triangle’s outline using the reference image as a guide.


  • After that, the S will be drawn inside the outline, which can be difficult. Once more, try your best to replicate the reference image’s S in the S-shaped outline.
  • Add a couple shorter, curved lines to indicate his chest and waist muscles after that is finished.
  • In the next level of your Superman design, you can add some finishing touches after adding the belt and the first few inches of his legs.


  • Sketch Superman’s last elements after that.
  • This fifth part of our tutorial on drawing Superman will be devoted to completing the last details and elements. The main addition will be his left leg.
  • You might draw this with curved lines to show how it is folded inward as he flies through the air.
  • Then you’re ready to advance to the next stage; all you need to do is add a little shading detail to his chest.
  • Since this is your drawing, you can add some of your details before moving on to the next stage.

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