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Top Reasons That Will Compel You to Buy Continental GT 650

by Maria James
Top Reasons That Will Compel You to Buy Continental GT 650

Royal Enfield is one of the most popular bike brands. Among other things, there are several reasons why individuals pick this brand. It starts with a vibrant and fashionable appearance. Owning a Royal Enfield motorcycle makes it your status symbol. Additionally, as you pass someone on your Continental GT 650, they turn around. Those who enjoy biking across challenging terrain have always preferred these bikes.

There are more aspects to Royal Enfield than just bikes. It is a feeling that has gone a long way toward assisting you in raising your bar. Modern automakers are creating cutting-edge accessories to improve your riding experience. You may equip new motorbike models with the newest Interceptor 650 accessories online

The Royal Enfield comes in variations, and you may customise it with cutting-edge riding gear. The motorbike has practical and affordable add-ons, like silencers and a rucksack for bikers. In addition to enhancing your ride, they help your bike function better. 

Specifications of Royal Enfield Continental GT 650

Price-wise, the GT 650 is more expensive than the Interceptor 650. A 648-cc engine is present with the Continental GT 650 regarding technical specs. There are three variations and two distinct colours available. It produces 52 Nm of torque at 5,250 rpm and 47 horsepower power at 7,250 rpm. Additionally, it has a smooth Parallel-Twin engine and effective brakes. The GT 650’s build is pretty impressive. 

The basic dual-channel ABS on the Continental GT 650 only features a self-starting system. It has a single seat, an analogue speedometer, a digital odometer, and a cooling system that uses air and oil. The Racing-ratio 6-speed gearbox and BS-VI emission standard are some of its standout characteristics. Comparing this bike to its GT 250 predecessor, it includes a number of novel characteristics. Its forward-leaning sitting position makes it ideal for short-distance speed riding.

Reasons to Buy the Continental GT 650

The model with a cafe racer aesthetic is the Royal Enfield Continental GT 650. It’s a good, useful, and reasonably priced modern classic cafe racer all around. It is quite endearing and provides a fantastic bike for daily commuting as well as quick trips along the motorway. Here are the reasons why you must go for the Continent GT 650


The Conti 650 has a more muscular appearance despite using Continental GT 535 design elements. It’s mostly because of the shorter and taller than the 535-cafe racer tank. Although it stores 1.2 litres less fuel than its predecessor, the high and compressed (lengthwise) tank provides the impression of a denser bulk. The new gasoline tank has a capacity of 12.5 litres, which should be adequate for weekend trips or short commutes.

You’ll note that the clip-on handlebars are now present below the triple clamp rather than above it when you put your hands on them. A nice addition that improves the bike’s overall ergonomics and makes the dash area appear less crowded.

Better Stability & Handling 

The tank is small, which has caused the sitting area to move forward. This makes it harder to reach the handlebars than on the Continental 535. Additionally, the new clip-on handlebars, which sit higher than the old ones, and the rear-set foot pegs combine to create a rider triangle. It is both athletic and quite comfortable.

The Interceptor’s ergonomics are best for touring, but the Continental GT 650‘s are noticeably sportier. In addition, the front end feels much better now that there is more weight on the handlebars. Additionally, the Interceptor reaches the scale at 202kg, while the Conti 650 weighs in at 198kg (dry) (dry). 

The Conti 650 consequently feels agile and prepared to slice curves. The Conti’s front end seems much more stable than its 650cc sister, which is another benefit of the additional improvements.


It’s worth mentioning that the engine of the Continental GT 650 is quite impressive. It utilises the same 648cc parallel-twin engine that produces 52Nm of torque at 5250 rpm and 47PS power at 7250 rpm. Chain drive and a 6-speed gearbox with a slip-and-assist clutch transmit power to the back wheel. You’ll find yourself easily reaching 160 kmph with this monster of a motor.


Instead of the original seat, which can accommodate two people, it features the optional “Touring” single seat with an integrated cowl. Compared to the stock seat, its single-seat layout proved to be far more comfortable. If you want the look of an actual cafe racer, choose the optional single seat and bar-end mirrors, which improve the overall appearance.

The Royal Enfield’s makers have put much effort into making the Continental GT 650 and its beautiful engine. It comes with flexible power delivery, aesthetics and high speeds. So, if you want the best adventure-style riding and daily commuting bike, this is the one for you. Moreover, adding a few accessories from Carorbis.com will improve its look. Shop from this site to get the best products at an affordable price. 

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